The Trinity

The Trinity of Godhood

There are 3 Gods that are worshipped openly in within the larger empires and kingdoms of Numinith:

Reylin, God of Power
Hekata, Goddess of Passage
Ynera, Mother of Numinith

Known as the Trinity, they are the creators of life on Numinith, and are worshipped both individually as well as in unity as the Trinity. Aeons ago, they united their powers to create an everlasting force known as Magick. Channeled through Runes, each of the Runes were granted an arcane symbol, and given latent power able to be manipulated by any who attuned themselves to the rune.

Initially, only 5 Runes were created: Water, Fire, Earth, Wind, and Life. Using these Runes, the gods created their own domains to rule. Reylin, God of Power, created a fortress made of fire and stone and sits on an iron throne. Ynera, Mother of Numinith, created a lush garden filled with flowing streams and orchards. Hekata, Goddess of Passage, created an empty abyss populated by energy and intangible matter.

The Trinity each created their own beings to present to one another as gifts. Reylin gifted Ynera the Dryads. He forged a dry gnarled trunk of oak into a beautiful woman with an inborn affinity to the Earth Rune. Hekata gifted Reylin the Elementals. Crafted from Fire, Earth, Water, and Wind, the elementals serve Reylin as guardians and soldiers to his fortress. And lastly, Ynera gifted Hekata the Spirts. She invoked the Life Rune and combined it with her own being to create the spirits that reside in all living creatures on Numinith. Hekata owns all Spirits, but cannot intervene with their bodily forms until they have withered away. Once their bodies fail, their Spirits rise to Hekata’s domain to meet their final fate or be awarded passage to the Beyond.

The Trinity

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