Known as the City of Stone, Ravenrook was rebuilt in the years following the formation of the Republic. The land at which Ravenrook sits was taken by Josef Delmond, Harmon Delmond’s brother, from the native Ophidian and Agamid folk. The city was rebuilt with Dwarven stone brought from the north and boasts a Raven on it’s banner. It is the only city to have a banner separate from the Republic because of its founder. Josef Delmond chose a Black Raven as the city’s guardian. Stories say that upon the taking of Ravenrook, a black raven provided Josef with a secret and strategic entrance into ancient Lizardfolk city. It was rebuilt as the Republic’s stronghold and last line of defense and is home to a large prison that housed prisoners of war from the siege on the Lizardfolk City.

Ravenrook is a large city bustling with merchants, craftsmen and peddlers. There is an enormous Dwarven style wall surrounding the coastal city that has a few small entrances, but one huge main gate known as the Raven’s Gate, which bears a large mural of a raven watching the entrance.

Ravenrook Keep is the city’s castle and houses the Republic’s General. The city is managed and run by council elected officials, but the General has a say in what happens in the city as much as they do. The Keep overlooks Herald Bay and on a clear day, one can see The Gold City of Delmond from the Keep’s terrace.

The city is mostly tight streets made of cobbled stone and dark alleys that become beautiful gardens closer to the Keep.


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