Ophidians and Agamids

Ophidians & Agamids (Lizardfolk)

Ophidians and Agamids are a reptilian sentient creatures that bear resemblance to snakes and scaled lizards respectively. They are native to the swampy areas and forests that surround the location of the current city of Ravenrook in the Republic of Delmond, just off the Azure Coast.

They worship a titanic serpentine demon named Prasha, who purportedly spawned the Ophidians and Agamids from his own seed and man, joining the Man and Beast Rune. Ophidians and Agamids are commonly referred to as “Lizardfolk” by humans and other races, and were once enslaved by the Republic of Delmond for over 400 years. After being granted their freedom, many Ophidians and Agamids now serve as lowly workers in the city of Ravenrook and are seen as lower class to most humans in the Republic.

However, those who did not want to continue living among their previous masters followed an Ophidian named Saren, who led some of his people to a nearby swamp outside of Ravenrook where they could live independently. There was much deliberation amongst the people and the council as to whether or not they should allow them to gather in such large groups independently, but the council ultimately decided that they were set free, and that entitled them the right to do as they please, so long as they pay land taxes for their new home. Saren and his people agreed.

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Ophidians and Agamids

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