Councilman Donovan Kestrel

Human Cleric of Reylin


Councilman Donovan Kestrel was born in year 63E in the Kingdom of Helmont. He was raised by monks from the Temple of Reylin after his parents were forced to deliver him unto the Kingdom of Helmont for crimes unknown.

He eventually found happiness and joy working in the name of Reylin. He took the opportunity to work as a travelling Cleric, helping all those who needed it. His travels led him to the Azure Coast, and when he saw how much help Bedford needed, decided to stay there until his job was complete. Before he knew it, 10 years had passed and Donovan had a decision to make: stay in Bedford or go back to Helmont.

Nowadays, Donovan Kestrel manages the local Temple of Reylin in Bedford and has been a Senator of Bedford for the last 2 years. Many of the people visit his temple for magical help, confession, advice and guidance.

Councilman Donovan Kestrel

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