Councilman Brenard Howe

Bedford Senator/Retired Master at Arms


Councilman Brenard Howe has been a representative of Bedford for the last 6 years since 99E. He was born in Bedford and intends to die there, as he’s told many people. He is currently 51 years old and is seeking to retire from politics after this term. Many in Bedford know him as the Old Man of Bedford or simply as The Old Man.

In his youth, Brenard Howe was in the Republic’s military and eventually became a Master at arms, training boot camp and teaching advanced lessons to elite troops. Eventually, he longed to settle down, which is where he met the mother of his future son. Soon, he settled down in Bedford, was elected Senator after helping to form a proper town guard, and now seeks to live out the rest of his days in the company of those he loves.

Councilman Howe is unmarried, but had a son out of wedlock whom he cherishes dearly. His son lives in Bedford and works at the Hayman Mine.

Councilman Brenard Howe

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