Welcome to Numinith

This campaign will be run using the Mythras d100 system on a hombrew low magic continent named Numinith. I have borrowed a number of names, ideas and various other aspects of this setting from a number of sources. This campaign will be a mixed bag in terms of content, but will definitely have combat, intrigue and of course deep roleplay that will aim at creating meaningful relationships between PC’s and NPC’s. The story will begin in the medium sized northern town of Bedford, located in the Republic of Delmond on the Azure Coast. Welcome to Numinith.

As racial tensions build up in Ravenrook, the Republic edges on the brink of war with the Eastern Kingdom of Helmont over the fertile lands in the Forgotten Valley. But many believe that it is not the farmlands that these nations are fighting for.

Simultaneously, a large influx of Elvish immigrants flood into the city of Delmond for its High Born culture and art. This causes a large Library to have been built in Delmond. The Elven knowledge could potentially be used to help in food production, societal and economic problems, or even magical warfare.

Delmond, the City of Gold and home to the Council, has become a breeding ground for wealthy aristocrats and foreign ministers. In a democratic Republic, some say corruption is inevitable, but Council members are up for reelection this year and citizens have become unhappy with some of the unreasonable taxes. Delmond may have a total change in the coming year.

Republic of Delmond